About Dennis Bain

Dennis Bain is a passionately gifted communicator who possesses the unique combination of a multi-faceted, creative business career with dynamic presentation skills making him a World Class in-demand speaker. For over a dozen years, Dennis has been sharing his experience and expertise via his unique seminar programs, including his powerful "Million$Morning", to a wide range of audiences: from top executives of Fortune 500 companies on down.

While a sophomore at the University of Missouri, Dennis and two partners created a new concept in advertising and publishing, strategically targeting the college market - "The Add Sheet". Their business quickly prospered and by the time he was a senior, "The Add Sheet" had grown to five offices across three states. Dennis graduated MU with a Bachelor of Sciences degree, majoring in marketing and finance. He stayed on building "The Add Sheet", which became so successful it was ultimately acquired by Gannett Publishing.

Dennis left the world of advertising and publishing to pursue a new career in television and soon became a highly sought after Producer/Writer in Hollywood. As a television writer, Dennis has written hundreds of shows for all types of programming: comedy documentaries, lifestyle personality, and magazine shows. Dennis was Head Writer for the huge hit series: "A&E's An Evening At The Improv" with Budd Friedman and "Comedy on the Road" with John Byner, having written over 150 episodes of those series. His writing was instrumental in the success of three separate television series achieving the Cable ACE Award.

Dennis' writing and entrepreneurial spirit lead him to form his own production company, Creative Producers Group, with two Producer/Director partners. Serving as Executive Producer-Producer/Writer, Dennis is both fiscally and creatively responsible for the numerous hit TV shows and series they have produced over the years.

After being invited to lecture as a "guest speaker" at colleges and business forums in Los Angeles, Dennis discovered a new passion - educational/business/motivational speaking. His unique business background, high-energy approach and dedication to FUN has made his move into the field a natural success. Dennis began speaking to various sales and marketing conferences as a featured or keynote speaker. His reputation as a powerful speaker grew and he was invited to join the highly prestigious Karrass Effective Negotiating team. Since then he has been conducting advance level business seminars for Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Dennis’ success with Karrass opened a whole new opportunity as he was asked to share his unique business insights on a wide variety of topics, which ultimately lead to his creating the most powerful program on pure Creativity and Innovation in business - the “Million$Morning”™. As Dennis continued to expand his speaking opportunities, he has also created and conducts a variety of other remarkable, customized educational training seminars - teaching and motivating groups from 20 to 2,000 – from keynote speeches to three days seminars.

His fast-paced, life-changing programs are unique extensions of his vast creative, entrepreneurial, and life experiences. Bottom Line - Dennis Bain is not only a highly motivated, uniquely gifted communicator, he is an Executive Consultant who is passionately dedicated to the success of each company with whom he partners. Dennis creates, crafts, and presents powerful programs that result in immediate return on investment and long-term residual impact. He is a valued member of every company's team and his motto states it all - "To YOUR Success!"